Sam Tinnesz is a singer from Nashville making pop/alternative music. He has been releasing singles since 2014, his first album was released in 2017 and is called ” Babel”. The most recognizable song of the album is ” Legends Are Made “, it has been played in Dude Perfect’s – one of the most popular […]

The Unlikely Candidates (TUC) is an alternative rock band from Texas, they started in 2008 with 2 members : Kyle Morris and Cole Male. In 2013, they welcomed 3 newcomers Brenton Carney ( guitarist ), Jared Hornbeek ( bassist ) and Kevin Goddard ( drummer ). They currently have 3 EP on the market for […]

The Hunna is an English alternative rock band since 2015. The group name is inspired from the slang term “hunna” that they used a lot talking to each other, it reflects how the members have been friends for several years. They have 37k on Twitter, 77k on Instagram and 300k Facebook likes. So far they […]

Racing Glaciers (RG) is a British music band releasing alternative rock music since 2012.  There are 5 members : Tim Monaghan, Danny Thorpe, Matt Scheepers, Simon John and Matt Welch. They produced 4 albums for a total of 27 songs. They generate 52k plays on Spotify each month with 16k likes on Facebook and 3k […]