Outlook festival “ celebrates soundsystem culture”, in other terms, bass music. The line up is mainly rap but not only, it’s quite varied with Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Electro and more. It takes place since 2018 in Pula, Croatia,  a beautiful city in the North of this SouthEastern European country. Pula is recognized for its […]

DosTresCinco is an Uruguayan hip hop band with five members, 4 rappers 1 DJ : Bruno Cammá (Farath), Gabino Suanes , Marcos Hernández (Tío Marcos) , Santiago Bouzas (Taio) and Andrés Colombo (DJ Miami). They came together in 2005 and soon the band was formed. Throughout the years they have grown as individuals and as a band. […]

He had been at home alone, trying to write a song of his own, when his best friend, Jack, clearly shocked, called him to tell the horrible news: « XXXTentacion had been a victim of a shooting during a robbery . » Paul’s world collapsed immediately, he dropped the phone, screamed for 15 minutes as tears were rolling […]

Denace is a Greek rapper whose songs are written in English. If you’re a fan of the old Slim Shady – Eminem – it might be something for you. The legend himself tweeted about his song ” Die Already “, Denace has 10k on Twitter. Denace started in 2006 and now has 4 albums and […]