Sick of always playing the same game on the switch when you have friends over? With this cheap mini game called Muddledash you can make your friends rage just as much as when you score a last minute bicycle kick on Fifa or kill them with a head shot on Call of Duty. Oh and, […]

Legendary Eleven is an arcade football game to play the World, Euro, America, Africa and Asia Cup. In times where tactics dominate football, this game takes us back to the earlier years of the sport. The game is set at a cup between 1970 and 1990 and offers all kinds of additional accessories like typical […]

This somewhat cute lil grumpy cat – inspired by the internet famous meme – describes its games as the worst ones available on the market but are they really ? You play a range of mini games, all themed around what a cat and cat owner would typically do of their days. From making pizzas […]