Scheming Trough The Zombie Apocalypse : The Beginning is a telltale type game available on Steam for 5$. It was developed by Entertainment Forge and published by GrabTheGames in 2018. A zombie apocalypse happens in a society driven by animals.  Larry burges into Hank’s appartment, a retired salesman, to tell him the news. Hank tells Larry […]

60 seconds is a survival game available on Switch, Android, iOS and Steam for a couple of bucks and was released in 2015 by Robot Gentlemen. At first you can play the Atomic Drill in which a soldier will give you the instructions. You are a mundane dad named Ted living in a normal, standard […]

The Rain is a Danish post apocalyptic series, the protagonist is a young lady named Simone Anderson. She was about to pass an oral at her school when her dad barges in telling her to leave immediately. Simone is full of questions but the dad is very cryptic. He drives Simone, the mother and the […]