60 seconds is a survival game available on Switch, Android, iOS and Steam for a couple of bucks and was released in 2015 by Robot Gentlemen. At first you can play the Atomic Drill in which a soldier will give you the instructions. You are a mundane dad named Ted living in a normal, standard […]

Legendary Eleven is an arcade football game to play the World, Euro, America, Africa and Asia Cup. In times where tactics dominate football, this game takes us back to the earlier years of the sport. The game is set at a cup between 1970 and 1990 and offers all kinds of additional accessories like typical […]

Cheese In The Trap is a South Korean film that was released in March 2018 and was based on a TV-series with the exact same name. The leading roles were given to Park Hae-jin ( the same actor as in the series ) who didn’t only win the prize for best actor in his home […]

The Paper Kites is an alternative folk band consisting of 5 members: Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy , Sam Rasmussen, Josh Bentley and Dave Powys. The band was formed in 2010 after that Sam Bentley and Christina already had some local success as a duo. Two years later they published their first EP called Young North, […]

Super Toy Cars is a racing arcade game available on Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Switch developed by the studio Eclipse Games. The tracks are themed as they’d happen in a kid’s room, much like the characters of Toy Story. It offers 15 different tracks with 3 level range ( easy-medium-hard) with 16 […]

Suicide Guy is a game on Switch, Steam and PS4 from the studio Chubby Pixel. On the first moment of the game we see a chubby guy falling asleep in front of his television. Immediately we are taken to the top of a building, from the name it’s pretty clear we have to find a […]

The Unlikely Candidates (TUC) is an alternative rock band from Texas, they started in 2008 with 2 members : Kyle Morris and Cole Male. In 2013, they welcomed 3 newcomers Brenton Carney ( guitarist ), Jared Hornbeek ( bassist ) and Kevin Goddard ( drummer ). They currently have 3 EP on the market for […]