Sam Tinnesz is a singer from Nashville making pop/alternative music. He has been releasing singles since 2014, his first album was released in 2017 and is called ” Babel”. The most recognizable song of the album is ” Legends Are Made “, it has been played in Dude Perfect’s – one of the most popular […]

Mahan Bahramkhan is an Iranian pop singer since 2004. He made his debuts in a band but released his first solo album in 2008. We had the chance to interview him, make sure to listen to his music while reading it on Spotify or Apple Music. How did you enter the music industry ? My […]

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a platform game which released in 2016. It’s available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and Steam for 15$. It was developed by the studio Clever Endeavour and financed through a Kickstarter. The game is only playable through local or online multiplayer , you can play alone in a free […]

HMB is a Portuguese band making soul music since 2007. HMB is an acronym of  “Heber Marques Band”, Heber Marques is the lead singer. The other 4 members consist of Fred Martinho, guitarist, Daniel Lima, pianist, Joel Silva, drummer and Joel Xavier the bassist. Their first album was released in 2012, there are now 4 […]

Gareth Dunlop is a singer/songwriter from Nothern Ireland. His first EP “Rooms” was released in 2010. He now has 4 EPs and one album for a total of over 40 songs. He has been described by the Huffington Post as a ” songwriter with uncanny ability ” and they aren’t the only ones to think […]

Le Huitième Jour (The Eight Day) is a French-Belgian-British film directed  and written by Jaco Van Domael. It released in 1996. Harry is a lonely businessman. After his wife left him, he gets alienated from his children, leaving him totally dedicated to his work. Working 24/7 hasn’t given much opportunities to build up social relationships, making […]

    Monkey Ropes is a game available on the Playstore and AppStore published by PlaySide Studios. The concept is pretty simple. You have 2 monkeys attached to one another by a rope. The goal of the game is to overcome the traps twice : snakes, moving platforms,…  What makes this Monkey Ropes different compared […]