AftrSun is a 3 days electro festival taking place in Aarschot, Belgium in the beginning of August.

In 2018, it was the 4th time the festival took place. It is still quite small, with 3 stages and a not so big capacity. Going to AftrSun is going for a full day of music, no other activities are planned if you want to take a break.

The people attending it make a big part of the charm of AftrSun, most people go with the theme and come with a full hippie outfit. The festival decorations seem homemade and look very great.

All of this makes the festival experience less commercial than usual and way more personal. You can truly enjoy the music and relax.

On the other hand there are a few downsides coming along with this aspect : a lack of professionalism. The gates are taken care of by students who weren’t given much information, the security guards are in the same situation.

The tickets are very cheap and you’re sure to have a nice time. If you decide to go for the full weekend, the campsite is right next to the festival waiting for you.

Go check their Facebook page and website to know more about it.



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