People of tomorrow, that is the name of the numerous people going to Tomorrowland, a world famous festival in Boom, Belgium. We’ve been at the festival and we will tell you everything that will come in handy on your next visit to Tomorrowland ! This will be the most detailed article over the festival, you’ll know everything you ever wanted even detailed prices of everything you can buy there from food, merch to tattoos !

The festival started in Belgium, Boom in 2005, it still take place to this day there but each time bigger and wilder. Tomorrowland has also explored in addition of that the USA with TomorrowWorld for 3 consecutive editions and Brasil for 2 consecutive editions. In 2019, a brand new concept is taking place : Tomorrowland Winter, in France. Even though the festival continues to evolve, below is listed a range of information that will for sure help you.

Getting Tickets

Tomorrowland tickets are sold out fast, if you want to have a chance to attend, plan it months in advance. On their website, you’ll need to create an account, it is mandatory for the day the tickets will go on sale. There, you will find the exact date and time the sale starts.

Tomorrowland has 2 sales, one for Belgium only and a second one worldwide. Coming from Belgium gives you two shots as they happen at different times. If you come from another country, getting your hands on tickets will be even more tricky.

You can also subscribe to their email list to be notified of any updates. The most important is to log in on the D Day 15-10min in advance to make sure everything is good to go.

When the date comes, there will be a special page for the sale. Do NOT make the mistake of refreshing your page over and over. You’ll be put in a waiting line, if you refresh you’ll loose your spot and you become the last one of the queue. The only thing you can do is wait.

For Tomorrowland Winter more options are available than usual, it is a ski trip after all. Here you can simulate the package you wish to buy on the day it is up for sale to not loose any time.

The “classic” version of Tomorrow doesn’t have a simulator, you just choose between a day or a weekend.


Tomorrowland is not cheap, some might think it is overpriced but is it really ? The festival is home to the biggest names of EDM but it isn’t only that, it offers an entire experience. 

You receive your festival bracelet by post in a treasure case, the whole package is magnificent looking and there’s always a gift hidden inside.

If you camp in Dreamville, there is an exclusive event the day before the festival starts with big artists. There are all week long activities : tennis, yoga class, bodybuilding and street performances. Each morning at 10am, you’ll be welcomed by a Tomorrowland Today Newspaper. Dreamville is a truly beautiful looking village with many possibilities.

The festival itself has countless of stages with incredible decoration, it offers more food possibilities that you could dream of and each year it proposes activities to take a break with free goodies on the line from sponsors.

Extra Intel, Tips & Prices

1. The currency of the festival are the Pearls.  1 Pearl = ~1,6€ = ~ 1,8$. All payments are made electronically through your bracelet. You can top up at the festival by cash ( ATMs are available) or directly by card, be aware that you’ll loose all unused pearls. Another method is available and allows you refund is online. Prior to the festival, it is possible to put money on your bracelet, the more you put, the more bonus pearls you get. If you put pearls online 2 weeks before the festival, once it is done you’ll automatically get a refund with 2 pearls fee ( ~ 3,2€ ~3,7$ )

2. There is one place where you won’t be able to pay with pearls : the supermarket of Dreamville. When camping, you’re allowed to bring a few things but there are some restrictions. You can’t have anything containing glass that means you can’t bring your Nutella and beer bottles. Sodas and alcohol are only allowed in small portions per person, water on the other hand is welcome. That’s why the supermarket can be useful to buy fruits and a few more drinks.

3. At Tomorrowland toilets are free of charge as well as deodorant and sunscreen. At Dreamville you’ll also need to shower, you can for free if you bring a swimsuit, some open air showers are available. If you want some more privacy you can also shower for a few pearls outside of the public eye. After your shower you can get a hairstyle ( no cutting) for 5 pearls ( 8€) and your extravagant make up for another 5 pearls.

4. In Dreamville you can enjoy a hookah for 6 pearls (9,6€), for a refill 2 pearls (3,2€) and 1 pearl ( 1,6€) for a tip

5. Each morning when you read Tomorrowland Today, read carefully, everyday a contest happens to get free merch. The merch is called TML and it aren’t just a few fan t-shirts, you can look up on the website to see what they have. The TML shop is always very crowded, buying merch before or after hand is always possible to not loose any time.

6. The magic of Dreamville seduces many people, yet Tomorrowland is more than just the camping site. In order to go from the camping to the festival itself you’ll have to walk quite a lot. You’ll see some people, bringing their own roller skates and bike, of course they aren’t allowed in the festival, people put a lock on them outside. Tomorrowland has also a rather funny solution to the problem : crazy bikes. It are bikes with a little twist ( eg : squatting to pedal, reverse mechanism, etc ). Don’t rely too much on them as there are only a few.

7. Tomorrowland opens its door at 12am and closes at 1-2am. Once you get in, you can’t go out till 5pm to go back to Dreamville. If your plan was to make some savings on drinks and food by going back to your tent, it won’t be possible. Make sure to take everything you need with and check the timetable to know if you’re interested by the early ones. If not, don’t hesitate to stay a little longer in bed, the festival is SO big and you’ll dance a lot so it can be hard on your legs. Plan your day carefully so you can enjoy it a maximum.

8. People tend to stay at the Mainstage but that’s their mistake. Don’t reduce the festival to only that, exploring every stages is much more fun and that’s how you’ll make the most out of your time at Tomorrowland. Each stage has its own unique atmosphere and there are great artists at each of one ! DJ sets tend to be long so you can grasp some music of the artists you already cherish and discover some new ones. As previously said in 3, we strongly recommend reading thoroughly the time table.

9. In between stages, you might want to stop for a drink and grab some food. Tomorrowland proposes food from all over the world, you’ll find what you were dreaming of and trust us : it’s delicious. They of course also have various drinks and cocktails. Of course each year the selection changes but here is a list of prices to have a grasp of their selection and the price range of the festival.

One glass Cocktail of Tomorrow 7,25 Pearls ( 11,6€ )
Absolut Vodka/Havana Club/Jameson Whisky+Soft 6,5 pearls ( 10,4€ )
Beefeater Gin+Soft 6,75 pearls ( 10,8€ )
Jupiler 2 pearls ( 3,2€ )
Jupiler XL 3,75 pearls ( 6€ )
Hoegaarden 2 pearls ( 3,2€ )
Cubanisto 3,5 pearls ( 5,6€ )
Mirinda Orange/ Tonic/ 7up/ Pepsi 2 pearls ( 3,2€ )
Looza Orange 2,5 pearls ( 4€ )

Hot dog chicken/veggie/chorizo 5,25 pearls ( 8,4€)
Houmous Platter 6 pearls ( 9,6€)
Pitta 5,5 pearls ( 8,8€)
Lasagna Alla Ragu 6 pearls ( 9,6€)
Lasagna Con Tartufo 6,5 pearls ( 10,4€)
Burger Classico/ Kukulelecurrie 6 pearls ( 9,6€)
Pancake/ Brussel or Liege Waffle 3 pearls ( 4,8€) + Whipped Cream 0,25 pearls ( 0,4€)
Ice cream 1 scoop 2 pearls ( 3,2€ )  2 scoops 2,75 pearls ( 4,4€) 3 scoops 3,5 pearls ( 5,6€) + topping 1 pearl ( 1,6€)
Frozen Yoghurt Normal cup 2 toppings 4,75 pearls ( 7,6€) Big Cup 3 toppings 5,75 pearls ( 9,2€)

There are many more choices but no need to list it all, keep in mind that the portions are decent but not huge.

10. For those who fell in love with tomorrow there is a stand to unite with the festival for the rest of your life; the tattoo stand ! You’ll only be able to book a spot at the festival itself and it’s quickly full. If you want a Tomorrow tattoo, you should think before hand so it is your first stop once you get there. Each tattoo artists have a few designs you can pick from and the prices depends on the size only : XS 47 Pearls,  S 62,5 Pearls, M 93,75 Pearls and L 125 Pearls.

We hope these 10 aspects gave you a better inside of the amazing Tomorrowland !


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