July 31, 2018



Sick of always playing the same game on the switch when you have friends over? With this cheap mini game called Muddledash you can make your friends rage just as much as when you score a last minute bicycle kick on Fifa or kill them with a head shot on Call of Duty.

Oh and, it’s also available on Steam for a few bucks ! 

Muddledash swears to a pretty simple concept; playing together with friends is always better. Depending on how many you are, you can play this game from 2 up to 4 players. The game in itself is rather simple, you are a little octopus that has been invited to the coolest party in octopuses’ history. At such an event you can’t arrive empty-handed though. Luckily there is a gift popping up in the middle of the starting room. Only problem, a gift can’t be shared. From that point til the finish, you all fight to conquer  the gift and be the hero of the party.

Of  course this game won’t become the one you play the most as it is pretty basic, but it can be something fun for a change and a good laugh.


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PC, Switch


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