WHOISJODY or Jody Koenders by his real name is a Dutch Dj making house and electronic music. He was formerly known as a good snowboarder and participated to world famous competitions. After a horrible accident he decided to give his second passion, music a chance. Something he did successfully as his first song after the accident in 2014, Feelings, got signed by Spinnin’ Records as their #1 track from the talent pool.

We had the chance to interview him, listen to his songs on Apple Music or Spotify while reading it !

What got you to start producing electronic music?

I used to be a professional snowboarder for 10 years and I’ve always combined the two during the years. Played on the party’s up in the mountains and during summer breaks in Holland on the beaches. It was a great combination. In 2006 I had to end my snowboarding career due to a heavy snowboarding accident, and started an electronic music production course on the SAE school. From there on I started producing and the rest is history…

How did you learn ?

Mainly from trying and doing. I started producing with the program Nuendo (Cubase) but quite quickly jumped over to Ableton. Now I use both Ableton and Logic.

Did you immediately have the ambition to become a DJ ?

Well I come from the time, where you didn’t needed to be a producer to become a DJ.. It was the other way around. I learned DJ’ing before I learned producing.. Now you see a lot of producers who are really good, but never have DJ’ed in front of any crowds, quite funny actually if you ask me. I still think these two are two totally different aspects, but necessary to succeed  in this business.

Did you learn any instruments before or during ?

As a young kid I used to play drums. I was in a hip hop band and a more kind of cover punk band.

Do you prefer the creation part or the performing part ?

As I mentioned before I think these are two totally different things and I have pleasure in them both. The fun part in the studio is where you can be very creative and experiment with sounds and plug-ins. And when it all comes together it’s just a magical moment, like a personal achievement! The same counts for performing in front of a big crowd or in a sweaty club, the energy you get from the crowd can be so mind-blowing. Those memories will stick forever and are priceless, I often have goose-bumps behind the decks.

Do you have a best festival experience ?

Ooh.. well I’m lucky to have a few. But my most recent one was in Mexico City, during the Sensation Rise show; 15.000 people dressed in white who all had a crazy amount of energy, that was an amazing experience.

What do you like aside of music ?

I can’t really sit still, so I’m a pretty active guy. I like all kinds of sport, I still snowboard and play ice hockey, when there is time.. And I like to ride my motor bike!

Make sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and personal website as well to learn more about him !


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