Krowns is a brand new 2018 alternative band from Canada. It’s made of 3 members : Shade, Kyle McKearney and Adam Casey. So far, they’ve released one single : High While The World Ends.

Go listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify while reading the interview we did with Kyle, the singer and guitarist of the band !

How did you get into music ?

I got into music because I loved it. My old man is a musician and his old man and so on. My brother Shade and I have been playing together since we were real young. I wrote my first songs when I was a kid and they were terrible.

How did you guys meet ?

Brothers right. Shade and I met Adam through mutual friends etc. Adam did a video audition for an old band we were in and nailed that shit. He’s a third brother.

Did you have other music experience before the KROWNS band ?

Yeah. We were in a previous band together and have had other bands individually etc.

What’s the story behind the name KROWNS ?

KROWNS is a symbol for things we’ll never be.  “Faker’s wearing KROWNS” is a lyric from an un-released song we wrote and I feel like that’s really it. I remember growing up watching the kids with solid families and money. I tried to fit in but never will.

Which ones of your songs were the shortest and longest to produce?

I’m not sure. Our single “High While The World Ends” was the longest to write, that’s forsure. Some songs come out quick but that one was two days. Fastest to write was our song, “Triumphant”

Which one of your concerts have you the most enjoyed ?

Our single release show was pretty dope! When there are moments during a show that feel like they really matter to the audience….that’s when it’s the best

Which band do you relate to ? 

We relate to a pretty big mix of hip hop and alt. Everything from 21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons to Eminem, Post Malone, Kendrick and Drake etc. Love the rock legends too.

Which cartoon represents well the band’s spirit ?

I’d say, the Anime series “Death Note” The main character is a great rep of the anti hero who eventually goes mad. I like to think of our band as an anti hero giving a voice to the underdog and to the misunderstood. Hoping we don’t go mad though.


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