WILD is a Folk-Pop band from Los Angeles, California. The band is made of 3 members : Lauren Luiz, Zach DeGaetano and Tyler Thompson. Their first single “Vagabond” was released in 2015, to this day they have 11 singles.

We had the chance to interview them, while reading it make sure to listen to their music on Spotify or Apple Music.

How did you get into music ?
We all got into music in different yet similar ways. None of us were brought up musically or were professionally trained at a young age. Lauren was the section leader in choir, first chair in band, the lead of all the musicals in her high school. Then she went on to sing opera at competitions, then she sang on Broadway in NY. So she’s had some classical training. Zach and Tyler both just kind of picked up guitars and played along with their favorite bands at the time.

How did you guys meet ?
We met in LA through a mutual friend, totally by chance. We all came from different parts of the country (Lauren is from Portland, Zach is from Boston, Tyler is from Minneapolis) But somehow we all moved here in the same year (2013) and happened to be thrown into the same group of people.

Did you have other music experience before the WILD band ?
We’ve all been in our share of bands growing up, as well as choir and band in high school. We all share that same dream of being in a rock band on stage.

What’s your dream concert location ?
That’s a tough one. We love playing outside so the big festivals would be amazing. Anything like Coachella would be so much fun. But for actual venues obviously MSG [Madison Square Garden] is a dream for any musician. Lauren would love to play the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Zach would want to play the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston and Tyler has always wanted to play at The Myth or First Ave in Minnesota.

If you weren’t doing music, which job would you have wanted to do ?
Probably like fast food employees at Wendy’s where we all work at the same location and slang square patties at customers.

What is the nicest thing a fan did for you ?
We probably have like 3 fans but we actually just got some really beautiful fan art with the nicest letter. A fan brought it to our show on Friday and it was SO NICE!!!

Which sports are you into ? Do you play and/or watch ? Which teams do you support ?
Not super into sports, we mostly just like our hometown or current towns team depending on who’s winning *smirk face*

Do you play any video games ?
YES. Big gamers here. Collectively we all play Fortnite. We have all the consoles (pls tweet at us to add us on PSN or Nintendo) Zach used to legitimately compete in Counter-Strike. Tyler mostly plays league and CSGO [Counter Strike : Global Offensive]. But we also love Rpg’s [Role Playing Games] and a few MMO’s [Massively Multiplayer Online].


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