Sam Tinnesz is a singer from Nashville making pop/alternative music. He has been releasing singles since 2014, his first album was released in 2017 and is called ” Babel”. The most recognizable song of the album is ” Legends Are Made “, it has been played in Dude Perfect’s – one of the most popular youtube channel – videos.

Sam isn’t unknown to the soundtrack scene. His music has been featured on famous movies and series as Hunger Games, Spider-Man : Homecoming, The Walking Dead and Revenge.

We had the chance to interview him, read while listening to his music on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud.

Would you enjoy being in a band ?
Not many people know this but I have been in a few bands. One of the most recent is Wave & Rome which you can find on Spotify and Apple Music! I think bands are an amazing collaboration of talent and fun to have a sort of “Motorcycle Club” that only you and a few others belong to, but it’s hard. 

Wave & Rome is a band making music since 2015. It has 3 members, Sam Tinnesz is the lead vocalist. They have a few singles and an EP ” Across The Map”. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud.

Which one of your songs has the most meaning to you ? 
I think at the moment it would probably be “Far From Home” (The Raven) . For me it’s about my struggle with anxiety and feeling far from who I know that I really am. It’s been cool to play that for people and open up about my struggles and remind people it’s ok to talk about mental health. We are all in this life together if we let other people in.

How did you develop your style ? 
I think writing a lot of music that lives in the TV/Film space allowed me to really experiment and try all sorts of genres and perspectives. At the end of all that experimentation I found this dark cinematic pop thing that really fit my voice and personality well.

Who would you like to collaborate with ?
I’d love to collaborate with Phantogram some day. They’re creating some of the freshest music out right now.

What are some places you’d love to perform at ?
I’d love to play at the Red Rocks Amphitheater! Ever since I saw some footage of NIN playing there it’s been a goal of mine.

Why is music the form of art you chose to express through ?
I’m horrible at speaking in front of people haha. So, music allows me to still say what I need to say without having to have lots of awkward conversations.

Do you keep in touch with Dude Perfect ?
Yes! Those guys are great and have really helped get my music out. Big props to them.


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