Mahan Bahramkhan is an Iranian pop singer since 2004. He made his debuts in a band but released his first solo album in 2008.

We had the chance to interview him, make sure to listen to his music while reading it on Spotify or Apple Music.

How did you enter the music industry ?
My first music experience, in 2003, was re-arranging a song from one of the most famous Iranian singers. After two other similar experiences, I produced in 2004 my first song called “RAIN”, in which I used my brother as the vocalist.
After that, I created a band with the intention of combining the style of pop and rap (a style close to R&B), which in those days in my country was a very new & unique style. It had two rappers, the band was called “0111”. I worked with them from 2004 to 2008 when it reached the peak of its fame and popularity. Many people became familiar with my style and voice during that time.

Which instruments can you play ? 
I’m a keyboardist, I can play the piano and synthesizers. I’m also trying to be a good guitar player for the sake of my style and my passion.

How did you develop your style  ? 
At first, I did not have much experience. Thus, in my early years trying to expand my style, the feedback I received from the distribution of my music helped me. I also evolved through researches and training which I’m still pursuing to this day.
My curiosity and desire made me try a lot of different styles. It pushed me to create new and different tunes by mixing the culture and taste of the people from my country.

How does Iranian culture influence your style beyond the language ? 
I always had an original and traditional Iranian song in my head because of the music my parents were singing and playing at home. It influenced my own compositions but my interest in modern music was also combined resulting in a new style.

Have you ever considered doing songs in English to try reaching an even bigger audience ? 
I would like it to happen and always have. I’m sure I’ll do it one day, either by combining the two languages or in English only. But for now, I’m focusing on the Iranian market.

Which song has the most meaning to you ? 
This is a very difficult choice because most of my music is from the bitter and sweet moments I’ve experienced. Each song takes me to the special day I experienced those emotions.

What are the best memories of your career ? 
My best memories are coming back from 2008, when I published my first official and independent album under the title “I Still” . After the great effort but also my first official concert and meeting with my fans closely.

Which artists do you listen the most often to ? 
I’m listening to different music genres but I always enjoy listening to Craig David, Michael Jackson and The Weekend.


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  1. I always hear his music and i will always follow him.
    He is who respects his audience and always has creativity
    good luck ! 🙂
    Man midunam akhare ghessamun chi mishod !



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