HMB is a Portuguese band making soul music since 2007. HMB is an acronym of  “Heber Marques Band”, Heber Marques is the lead singer. The other 4 members consist of Fred Martinho, guitarist, Daniel Lima, pianist, Joel Silva, drummer and Joel Xavier the bassist.

Their first album was released in 2012, there are now 4 albums available for a total of around 50 songs.

Their work has been recognized with several prizes : 2 Golden Globes and 3 MTV Awards nominations.

We had the chance to interview Joel Silva. Read it while listening to their music on Apple Music or Spotify.

How did you guys meet and form a band together ? What do you prefer about working together over doing solos ?

Me, Héber and Daniel started to play together back in 2006, in a monthly event from which I was part of the organization . At the same time, Héber was releasing his first solo studio album, a gospel album, and I was also part of his band. Héber showed me some songs that he composed that didn’t fit his solo work and I challenged him to start a band with me. In 2007, HMB was born.

How do you work with one another ?

The five of us share a special love for soul, RnB and hip-hop music. Also, all of us grew up playing at the church except Fred, the guitar player. So I think that those things, listening to the same type of music and coming from a similar background, really helped us understand one another musically.

How did you develop your style together ?

It really is a blessing and something special that happens when the five of us work together. After 10 years of doing music together we really feel that we found a way of expressing ourselves that is unique and that people can identify as HMB. There is no hidden secret to do this, we only try to continue to push ourselves to new places and at the same time keeping it real.

How does Portugal culture influence your style beyond your songs being in Portuguese ?

We are born and raised Portuguese people (well, X, the bass player, was born in Angola, but came to Portugal at a early age) and I think that fact will in one way or another be present in our music. For instance, there’s a music in our first album that is called “Essa Saudade de Ti” that doesn’t have a direct correspondence in English because “Saudade” is a word that only exists in Portuguese. In a rough translation “Essa Saudade de Ti” means “I miss you”.

Have you ever considered doing songs in English to try reaching an even bigger audience ?

The first songs that we ever composed were in English. But we found out that we are a lot more honest and can express deeper thoughts if we use our mother language. It’s not easy to write in Portuguese because the phonetics is not as melodic as in English, but when you get it right, it’s very rewarding.

Which song has the most meaning to you ?

This is a hard question to answer. Almost every song as a big meaning to us. You just can’t choose which of your babies you like the most.

What are the best memories of your career ?

Recently, we’ve won our second Golden Globe for Best Portuguese Band, after winning the Golden Globe for best song (with “O Amor É Assim”) last year. Seeing our work recognized this way is something that we are very proud and humbled at the same time.

Which artists do you listen the most often to ?

Anderson, Paak is on heavy rotation since the debut of his Malibu album. Such a dope album! Also, Stevie Wonder, Prince, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu are also always present in our playlist. You just can’t go wrong with the guys.


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