Gareth Dunlop is a singer/songwriter from Nothern Ireland. His first EP “Rooms” was released in 2010. He now has 4 EPs and one album for a total of over 40 songs.

He has been described by the Huffington Post as a ” songwriter with uncanny ability ” and they aren’t the only ones to think that. Gareth’s music has been featured in some of the most popular series and movies : Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough ( Dancing with the stars judge ), One Tree Hill, House and many more.

We had the chance to interview him. Read it while listening to his amazing music on Apple Music or Spotify

Would you enjoy being in a band ?

In a lot of ways I feel like I am in a band. I’ve been playing with a lot of the same musicians for a long time. We rehearse together, we record together and we play shows together. Any time I’m writing music I always think about how the song will translate with the band.

Which one of your songs has the most meaning to you ?

It’s hard to say. I go in and out relating to my songs. Some of them were written at a time and place when I was feeling a very specific thing about myself, something or someone. Those feelings change, get stronger or go away.

The Moon And Me is always hard to sing. I think that one will always mean a lot.

How did you develop your style ?

Listening to a lot of different music. Taking away the bits that I loved and trying to make sense of them. I started out playing cover gigs… playing a lot of different styles in restaurants, bars and clubs. I think a lot of that music rubbed off on me.

Having to play a funk and soul gig on a Friday, an acoustic gig on a Saturday and a jazz gig on a Sunday stretched me out into a lot of different genres. When I’m writing my own music I feel like I’m always developing it. It’s moving target.

Who would you like to do a collaboration with and why ?

I think it would be fun to do work with a classical composer, or a film scorer like Hans Zimmer. There’s a depth of communication that Hans gets across with just music that blows my mind. Being able to emote a feeling so clearly with so much drama and no words is something I’d love to be around for a while.

What are some places you’d love to perform at ?

I like odd venues and intimate places. There was a convent I played at in Stroud a few years ago. It was old Gothic convent that used to be home to nuns that had made a vow of silence. For hundreds of years the walls hadn’t heard very much. I got the chance to play there shortly after it was converted into a live music venue and the feeling of making music in that place was so poignant. It felt like the walls were very happy.

I’d love to play a few more places like that.

Why is music the form of art you chose to express through ?

I think because it’s so interpretive. I remember hearing Bob Dylan for the first time as a grumpy, hormonal teenager and truly connecting with what he was saying more than what anyone else was saying around me. I found pieces of myself in his lyrics and put the rest of me together in my own head. Music still does that for me. It still stirs up my imagination, heals and provokes me.

Back then I played a little bit of guitar but never really sang or wrote any lyrics. The songwriter thing took off because I was curious and wanted to do what my heroes where doing. I didn’t think it would have taken hold of me like it did.


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