Bouncy   Monkey

Monkey Ropes is a game available on the Playstore and AppStore published by PlaySide Studios. The concept is pretty simple. You have 2 monkeys attached to one another by a rope. The goal of the game is to overcome the traps twice : snakes, moving platforms,…  What makes this Monkey Ropes different compared to monster plateformers like Mario Bross is that you have to look after not one but two characters. 2 characters doesn’t exactly equal to 2 lives though. If one falls off, it’s your lucky day, you can go on. The rope will hold up the monkey from above, making the task immediately a lot harder. You’ll need to jump while dragging around a monkey, thus, it can get stuck or touch an enemy resulting in an immediate death. If one monkey dies it’s automatically game over.  These handicaps are what builds up the rhythm and charm of the game.

Aside of the classic mode, there are challenges which are the viral floor is lava phenomenon and a cave challenge, each has 12 levels. The jungle environment will transform to be taken to the challenge theme. You need to reach a given score, the prize is new characters.

Two other alternatives exist Icy Ropes and Bouncy Ropes. Monkey Ropes is our favorite because its the most appealing. We’ll still briefly go through the 2 alternatives.

Icy Rope is the first one of the saga and it’s seeable. It is the exact same dynamic but with 2 eskimos jumping on frozen platforms. It is less enjoyable than Monkey Ropes because of it being  well … icy. In Monkey Ropes the environment is joyful, the jungle offers a great variety of colors and possibilities, here you’ll get white on white.

Finally, the third version : Bouncy Ropes. Back to the basics, you’re jumping with the original 2 Eskimos but the game has evolved a lot since the first title. The physics and design of the game is way more finite with an environment more thought through offering more challenges than in Monkey Ropes.

We very appreciated this game because it is fun and free, it can be quite fun to play in the train or at a dead moment. On the other hand the game should offer some more varieties in its traps as it is a bit too repetitive at times.


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