June 30, 2018

Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Tokyo vampire hotel is a Japanese horror miniseries. It only has one season with 9 episodes, the length varies from 29 minutes to 52 minutes. The leadings roles are played by Ami Tomite and Kaho who has won several prizes for her still young career as an actress. Besides being on the big screen, you can also find her in quite a lot of Japanese magazines as she is a model too.

As the legend says, the Dracula-clan and the Corvin-clan have always lived in rivalry. Since the 16th century the Dracula-clan has been forced to hide under the ground. Later a prophecy states that 3 babies born on a specific date in 1999 will be the saviors of the Dracula-clan. After this flashback, we get taken to 2020 and follow the story of Manami, a 22 year old girl. We see how she goes to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday. She barely sat down that the event is already interrupted by a woman killing everyone. From that point events follow up fast and Manami doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

The Tokyo vampire hotel is a series with a disturbing atmosphere. If you are a Vampire Diaries or Twilight’s fan it’s certainly a different type of experience. The concept of vampires is often used in a romantic manner but here the characters don’t play with their sex appeal. There are cold murders, demoniac people and rivalry between the 2 clans.

Go watch it here


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