Bolier is a Dutch DJ/Producer active since 2003. He has worked with the huge label Spinnin’ Records and in 2010 he performed at the world famous festival Tomorrowland. He now has a huge amount of singles and remixes to his name.  During all that time, a lot of singles and remixes have been made but he also has had lots of aliases. We’ll break them all out for you.

We’ll start with the simple ones.

LeonBolier,  his generic name coming from his a bit longer Dutch origin Leendert Wouter Bolier. Around 30 songs with 2 albums “Pictures” and “Phantasma” can be found under this name from 2005 to 2013.
LWB, the acronym of Leendert Wouter Bolier. 2 songs, 2008.
Bolier, the mononym of Leon Bolier. 17 songs, from 2014 to 2018. 
BLR, the shortened version of Bolier more often used by the label Spinnin’ Records. 13 songs, from 2016 to 2018.

Now, the more complex ones.

The Boiler Room  used to remix in 2004.
Precursor used for his first singles from 2004 to 2007
WSTLNDR 1 album “Atmostopia”, 12 songs, 2015
Surpresa 6 songs, 2006 and 2012

We also had the chance to interview him. Read along while enjoying his music on Soundcloud or Spotify

What got you to start producing music and which steps did you take to end up living out of it?

When I heard the first Eurodance hits on the radio here in the Netherlands I knew this was the music I wanted to make – those beats and the intensity was something I hadn’t heard before in any other pop tracks that were doing the rounds on the radio back then. Later on I got my hands on some software that gave me the opportunity to take my first steps as a producer, for the geeks amongst us: this was a copy of Screamtracker 3.

A few years later, when guys like Sash! started to emerge and I heard Energy 52’s Cafe Del Mar for example my focus shifted to melodic dance music, and only the last couple of years I have been looking into incorporating vocals in my productions again on a regular basis.

But when I started focusing on this melodic dance music, getting my music out there became more and more a dream and a life goal for me so not long after I started sending out demos. Armin van Buuren was one of the first guys to give me feedback; at the same time I wouldn’t get any response from record companies and at one point I got rather pissed off by that – which made me email a couple of a&r managers with the message ‘I have a feeling you guys didn’t even check my demos, while I am 100% sure those are good enough’. One a&r actually replied to that (Joeri Lodders, who worked for Purple Eye back in the day) and invited me (and my brother who also was into making music back in the day) over to his office. We got a publishing contract offer from that meeting, but soon after another publishing contract offer dropped in as well and I went with that – this happened to be an offer by Maykel Piron who worked for Warner/ Chappel back in the day and soon after started Armada. So, long story short, I started releasing some tracks on Armada, and at one point got a voicemail by a Spinnin records a&r as well, called Jorn Heringa. He asked me, the tune that was played on Armin his show yesterday, is it free to sign? I dropped him a call and told him this wasn’t the case but that I already was working on another track that might cater for a release on Spinnin records, after which he invited me over to the office. That’s how my relationship with Spinnin Records started. Also, around that time I got a message from Black Hole recordings that Tiësto wanted to include one of my tracks on his upcoming In Search Of Sunrise 4 compilations – with all this happening within one or two years this kickstarted my career – the booking requests naturally followed.

What is your set up ?

In the studio: pretty basic Cubase 9.5, Mackie Big Knob, Fireface 800, some old Alesis M1 MK2 monitors, Beyerdynamic dt 770 and dt 880s – I got an Access Virus TI, Nord Rack 2x and some other hardware laying around as well but never use it no more.

Which production step do you prefer and why ? 

It depends on the purpose of the track really, but I think in 95% of the times I would start with the chord progression – that chord progression has to touch me in a way and when that’s the case I’m just 100% sure I will make a tune at least I will think is a killer.

Do you play any instruments ? 

I have had classical piano lessons, I actually wish I played more instruments but in the end with programming I go a long way.

Who would you love collaborating with ?

Clean Bandit
Dua Lipa


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