Seeb is a Norwegian EDM trio. The name Seeb comes from the initials of the original two members Simen Eriksrud and Espen Berg. Before being in this band Simen produced songs for Sie Gubba, a rock band, and Donkeyboy, a pop band.

Seeb started as a duo in 2015, a year later the third member, Niklas Strandbräten, joined to help them during live performances. They got internationally famous by the almost 1B Youtube views remix of “I took a pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner, released during the summer of 2015. The following year, they attended Tomorrowland in Belgium, a festival featuring the best DJ’s in the world.

Since 2015 Seeb  has released several singles and remixes, notably with the famous band One Republic with the single “Rich Love”. Their debut EP was only released in 2018, it’s called “Nice To Meet You”.

We got the chance to interview Espen Berg. Listen to their playlist on Spotify or Apple Music while reading it :


What drawn you to start producing music ?

It is something we have been doing forever by producing music for other artists and so on. For both, Simen and I, it started out as an interest that eventually became a profession. We made a living out of it for 15 years before heading into making music only for ourselves and putting it out there.

How did you start producing music together ?

We met in 2001 after Simen had been sending me demos from his band. We came from the same small town in the north of Norway and decided to meet. After a while, Simen rented a space in my studio and we started from there. Suddenly, he got involved as a producer in a lot of my projects. Within 2-3 years, we were basically working together on most of them.

What’s the specialty of each of you ?

Simen is an instrumentalist and a trained one as well thus, has a deep understanding of musical theory. He is very good at keeping track of the projects and is remarkably good at driving the productions towards the end, something most producers struggle with.  I am more of a self taught person who plays several instruments. I like to experiment with sounds and equipment. I also have a more non analytical approach to composing and I think it’s in the crosspoint of all the above that Simen and I can actually come up with something that works. We kind of combine both skillsets into something useful.

Do you think music produced on computer is necessarily more creative than acoustic?

Absolutely not, but a computer can allow you to do things which are impossible in the acoustic world. We like to combine both as we tend to think that in a production with no acoustic elements other than a vocal, perhaps, it could often be perceived as generic and less interesting than if you add some elements of acoustic music.

What do you like most about producing music ?

Mainly the aspect of composing and creating music from scratch while being able to make a living out of it. Also more specifically, the moment when you start out an idea, like the stage where everything feels exciting and fresh. Then of course, at the end where you actually have an almost finished song and you feel excited hearing it done. That can be a blast, especially if you hear it got the potential of being a stand out track. Something that can sometimes be a little difficult to know in the middle of the process.

What is your set up ?

We used to have a very complex setup with a huge analog console and tons of outboard gear and tape machines. Now we work almost minimalistically, with laptops, some analog synths and some outboards. Most of our stuff is done with soft synths and plugins. We use Ableton Live on Mac and UAD interfaces hooked up to Moog synths (e.g. : Oberheim OBXa, Prohet 6, Mellotron ) and new ones (e.g. : Roland system 8 and the Deepmind ). Most is internal though, like the Use Diva, Spire, all the Native Instruments ones, Lush 101, Onmisphere and the list goes on. We have more or less every soft synth there is. Waves pack and the UAD plugins, sees a lot of use, as well as the Ableton ones.

How do you choose your collaborations ?

We try to focus on the song and the singer before the artist’s celebrity level and all of that. We like to work with voices that stand out and sound unique. There are so many songs being pitched around each day by producers but we like to get into a session with the singer if we can. It allows us to build a relationship to lay down the track and get a feel for the vibe of the whole song. It’s really important in these times where more and more people are collaborating without ever getting a chance to meet in real life.

What/ who are your inspirations ?

Difficult to pinpoint but we get very inspired by people that are confident in their skills as writers/musicians. We try to keep a positive way of thinking which can be a bit hard at times in this business. We also tend to listen to a big variety of music both new and old. Moreover, we find a lot of inspiration in not listening to music but being outside in the nature with nothing but silence. This can more often trigger new ideas than sitting down in the studio trying to whack something out.

Make sure to grab their EP


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