Legendary Eleven is an arcade football game to play the World, Euro, America, Africa and Asia Cup. In times where tactics dominate football, this game takes us back to the earlier years of the sport. The game is set at a cup between 1970 and 1990 and offers all kinds of additional accessories like typical moustaches or haircuts. The game has been released for Switch during the 2018 Russia World Cup and will get released later this year on Xbox One and PS4.

Legendary Eleven is somewhat to Fifa/PES what NBA Playgrounds is to NBA 2K/Live. It’s a simpler version with bigger players compared to the pitch, therefore more practical to play on the go. As in NBA Playgrounds, you can do special slow motion shots but in this one faults are possible, free kicks are part of the game.


How long did it take to develop the game ? 

We started this game initially as a different (bigger) game but at some point I decided to move on to a reduced version and go for it. It was a little over a year ago. Maybe 15 months. I’ve been doing other stuff too (for instance porting other games to Switch), and so have other people in the team. But if I had to put a date, I’d say the game started around April 2017.

How many people worked on it ?

The core team consisted of a programmer (me) and a designer (Toni who also does UI art) full time, an animator (Javi) part time during a year, and some help from other areas, most notably 3D art which had help from a couple of guys (Manuel and Albert) but only for short periods of time. We’re a pretty small team, I’d say.

Did you think of developing this game because of the Russia World Cup or you just matched the release date with it ?

It actually had nothing to do with the World Cup initially but after showing it to some people they said we had to have it ready by the World Cup. We couldn’t have online multiplayer by that time so they suggested we released first on the Switch where there’s less people interested in online gaming and we thought it was a good idea. We still had to crunch for a good 5 months to get there and, as you may have heard, some bugs slipped by.

Are you PES or Fifa players ?

Some of us. I used to play PES with friends when at college (15 years ago) but I’m not much of a FIFA/PES player nowadays but actually played quite a bit of FIFA preparing this game. I think Toni only started playing FIFA preparing this game too. Lolo and Albert were PES player I believe and I’m not sure about Javi, but I’m sure he used to play some football game with friends.

To be honest, here in Spain it’s very common to play these games when having friends for dinner or for a party. Many of us just play these games when having friends but others enjoy them a lot and play a lot more offline or online. I believe we were more in the casual side of things though.

What do you think are your strengths over these games ?

Mostly being arcade. We’re not trying to compete with PES or FIFA to be honest. I don’t think we have anything to do there. We’re aiming to do something different, more arcade, easier for newcomers and fun independently of your experience with the game. We believe simulators have a higher entry barrier you don’t have with Legendary Eleven. We’re also ‘over the top’, which simulators can’t be by definition. We do super shots, players run more than they could, they always shoot crosses with a bicycle kick, etc.
We’re definitely not doing a simulator and we’re not trying to compete with them. I actually think a PES or FIFA player may be interested in our game, particularly for these casual sessions with friends I talked about. I think they are a lot easier with Legendary Eleven than FIFA or PES if one or more of your friends is not good at PES/FIFA. That’s my take on it anyway, doesn’t mean I’m right, I just hope I am, I definitely don’t want people seeing the game as a FIFA/PES competitor.



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