June 28, 2018

60 Seconds


60 seconds is a survival game available on Switch, Android, iOS and Steam for a couple of bucks and was released in 2015 by Robot Gentlemen.

At first you can play the Atomic Drill in which a soldier will give you the instructions. You are a mundane dad named Ted living in a normal, standard house in the States. The soldier will explain that a radioactive apocalypse is going on. A clock starts ticking, you only got 60 seconds to collect all the items you need to survive in your shelter. Of course you’ll need to drink water at least every 4 days and eat regularly soup cans so you to not get weak. Besides these other objects will be handy,  suitcase to bring more items from your expeditions, a first aid kit and a radio to know when the army is near to save you.

Ted is a good guy, he’ll take his wife, daughter and son with. You might wonder why bother taking extra people who’ll eat your food ? Well… it won’t only make you a good person it will also allow you to go on expeditions. Indeed, in 60 seconds, you won’t have time to get everything you need. You’ll have to explore the outside world in order to survive, there are dangers though, you won’t always make it… Cold hard truth of an apocalypse, your family members are extra lives.

Your days in the shelter will consist of rationing food, answering dilemmas and choosing who will go on an expedition next. Their faith is in your hands.

After the atomic drill you can play other modes. Classics : Apocalypse which has the same principle as the one explained above but without the soldier instructions. Scavenge, a mode where you only take the items to fulfill your shelter and skip the survival part. Survival, a mode where you’re given random items and you need to survive upon them. In each of those you got 3 levels. Challenges : you need to complete a certain amount of tasks like a certain number of soup cans, water bottles,…

60 seconds is an awesome one in a kind game. Make sure to try it out.


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  1. Maby start off saying it’s pay to play


    • Thanks for your comment Cory. Ill add it up and do so in the future as well. I was just thinking to say when it’s a free to play like on Pokémon Quest and otherwise leave it out but might be better to always precise.



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