June 25, 2018

Suicide Guy


Suicide Guy is a game on Switch, Steam and PS4 from the studio Chubby Pixel.

On the first moment of the game we see a chubby guy falling asleep in front of his television. Immediately we are taken to the top of a building, from the name it’s pretty clear we have to find a way to kill ourselves to wake up. This first level is very easy as it’s a common nightmare to fall from but shows us the colors of the following levels.

The principle is awesome because at the exact opposite of what we’re used to in a game, we have to die. The fact every level happens in a dream makes the possibilities endless. You can change place in a matter of seconds and expect to travel to the wildest ones to wake up before his beer smashes on the floor.

The graphics has its own personnality and is played liked a FPS ( First Person Shooter ). The levels are truly challenging and are harder to solve than we first think. You got to jump, to crouch, to pull and throw objects in order to find a way to access rooms or activate machines.

The only downsides of the game are the sometimes too frequent “loading” screens and its vibrations in the Switch version (easily fixable by turning them off in the menu).

Overall the game is a lot of fun and worth checking out !


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Game, PC, PS4, Switch


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