The Unlikely Candidates (TUC) is an alternative rock band from Texas, they started in 2008 with 2 members : Kyle Morris and Cole Male. In 2013, they welcomed 3 newcomers Brenton Carney ( guitarist ), Jared Hornbeek ( bassist ) and Kevin Goddard ( drummer ).

They currently have 3 EP on the market for a total of 17 songs. A highly recognised song is ” Celebrate “, 2 versions exist, one on their own EP and one remixed in collaboration with Dirty Heads. In the 2nd version, some verses are changed for a rap. The 2 versions are truly interesting because of their lyrics and great atmosphere. Moreover, you get to hear how artists can think differently on a same piece.

To learn more about them we had the pleasure to get an interview. ( listen to their playlist meanwhile : here )

How did your music journey start ?

“I always liked singing but I never really knew if I was good at it, but I enjoyed it. I never took classes or was in any bands. One night Cole and I were at a little get together in High School. Cole had played a little guitar but mostly taught himself. He started playing some blink 182 and green day’s songs and as a joke I started singing to it. It was just for a laugh but it was the first time I’d sang in front of anyone and it clicked this is what I want to do. So we started writing songs shortly after that and it led to where we are today. So that’s really how it got started. A lot of trial and error. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we kept at it.”

What’s your production process ?

“Brent our lead guitarist will come up with a production and then I will go in and start coming up with melodies and the words that fit those melodies. It can take an hour or a month just depends how it all falls together.”

Do you put a lot of importance on music theory ?

“None of us really know any. So not much. Bent inherently knows what goes together because he is a talented musician, but actual theory we don’t use too much.”

What is the most challenging aspect about starting a career in the music industry ?

“I think just figuring out your sound and how to sell yourself. Also you have to write a lot of songs. You have to write a lot to find a handful of songs you can put out there.”

Do you think the internet makes it easier or harder ?

“Both. There is more stuff out there so it’s hard to get above the fray, but it can also catch fire out there if you have something good.”

Do you have any projects aside of your band ?

“Not really, this takes up most of our time. If you want to do it right you have to commit everything to it. ”

Make sure to grab their EPs here and check their social medias : Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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