June 13, 2018

Grumpy Cat


This somewhat cute lil grumpy cat – inspired by the internet famous meme – describes its games as the worst ones available on the market but are they really ?

You play a range of mini games, all themed around what a cat and cat owner would typically do of their days. From making pizzas to pulling cactus needles out of the cat’s fur, you get 3 lives, a timer and it keeps on getting faster. While you achieve games you earn coins, with just a 100 you can win a prize. The prize machine unlocks a character that will show you a new mini game.

The first world is the garden, with 12 different cats to unlock, you’ll then be able to discover 4 other places. It also has daily challenges and stickers feature when texting with your friends on iMessage.

Additionally of its fun mini games, it has a great personnality with some jokes along the way. So, is it the worst game ever ? Not at all !

Go download it on the Play Store and App Store




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