June 8, 2018



Denace is a Greek rapper whose songs are written in English. If you’re a fan of the old Slim Shady – Eminem – it might be something for you. The legend himself tweeted about his song ” Die Already “, Denace has 10k on Twitter.


Denace started in 2006 and now has 4 albums and 3 singles available for a total of 70 songs. He has often been criticized because of his resemblance to Eminem,   this was particularly the case when he just got started but now he’s evolving towards his own style. We can’t blame him for getting inspired by the man,  I mean it’s tempting to follow into Marshall’s steps. Yet being inspired by can’t turn into plagiarism, and now that time has gone by, Denace got the fact that he should come with a more independent style.  His latest release, Jokes On You is from 2018 and if we may believe his Youtube channel , a new album might be coming. If we listen at Jokes On You, we clearly remark his evolution from fanboy to independent artist . So for all Eminem fans who want to check him out, don’t only listen to his older albums, give his latest releases a shot too, he is worth it.

Listen to our favorite latest single : Broken


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