June 7, 2018


On this website you can find 2 easy, yet addictive games when you want to relax.

  • Where Is The Red ?


Everyone knows it yet we don’t get tired of it. 3 cups upside down on a table, beneath one is hidden a red coin. First, the coin is hidden under the middle cup and then the real deal starts. The 3 cups moves around at high pace with different patterns made to trick you, your job is to keep track of where the middle cup is heading. Pretty simple no ? You got 3 lives, each time you succeed you go up a level . Whenever you run out of lives, you gotta start it all over again. This game can be quite challenging and that’s what makes it grea .The fact the moves are generated by a computer it’s faster and more fluid than when done by a human. Your advantage over the traditionnal version is no distraction, all your concentration can easily be exclusively on the cups.

Play it right here  ( it’s totally playable on your phone’s browser also ).

  • Crokinole


This second game is also a digital version of an existing game but this time less famous. It’s played by two, in this case, you’ll play against a computer. The players are set at opposite side of the rounded board which is separated in 4 parts, a quadrant, the player has access to only one of them. You must slide a small disk from the edge of the board to the inner circle, this is the only way your turn can be valid when no other disks are on the board. Once there is, the opponent must have his next throw touching yours to validate his turn. If your aim is perfect you can score some nice 20 points by lending in the centered hole. When all the disks have been thrown, you receive 15 points for each disks still on the board. If you got a bit lost when reading the rules, don’t worry it will get a a lot clearer after your first game !

Play it right here


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