De Helaasheid Der Dingen  is a Belgian movie about a writer telling his life story through several flashbacks. We are taken back to the Belgian countryside of the 80’s. In a small village, a boy, the younger  writer, tells the story of his childhood. Not being raised in the best of circumstances, without a mother and with a drunk father, he doesn’t always make the best choices.

This film is special because of its atypical way of telling the story. From start to finish we have the voice of the narrator setting the decor, something that is only interrupted by the conversations of the characters. The main character  of this movie is in no way close to what we’d expect from a well-known writer. Thus, breaking the stereotype of a writer who’d come from a rich family. Even though the film is fictional, it also shows us that  you choose your destination and nobody else does.

Go watch it


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