June 5, 2018

They Call Me Jeeg

They call me Jeeg

They Call Me Jeeg  is an Italian superhero movie set in the city of Rome. The film starts with a chase, we immediately get caught by the action that will recur through the entire film. We see Enzo interprated by Claudio Santamaria running for his life while being seriously threatened by 2 ghastly looking police officers. After a clotting chase in the center of Rome, Enzo has no other option than to hide in the Tiber. In his attempt to lose his pursuers, he destroys a barrel full of black oil, leaving him drowning. Somehow he manages to survive this little adventure, he returns back home coughing and intoxicated. He lives in a messy appartment with a bunch of erotic movies lying around. The day after, he and one of his partners climb up to the 9th floor of a building so they can finish a job. The job getting a little out of hand, his partner gets killed and he falls off several floors up a building. A few hours later he wakes up, he runs back home and realizes he has now incredible strength and fast healing abilities.

This movies stands out by the life of the protagonist. Super heros can be mundane people like Spider Man ,being a regular student, but They Call Me Jeeg pushes it a step further. We are used by charismatic heroes wether they’re good or bad, Marvel and DC Comics deliver us people with incredibly strong personalities. All the characters of this movie are much more modest, their flaws and selfishness make it slighlty more realistic, even Enzo’s  sidekick is very unusual and contributes greatly to the intrigue. The movie is exagerated in its corrupcy, mafia and loosers, yet, Enzo is hated and beloved like all super heroes.

If you can watch past the sometimes too predictable storyline this film is great for everyone enjoying a good old action movie.

About the cast

Claudio Santamaria ( Enzo) is an Italian actor who won the David di Donatello for best Actor award following his performance in this film. He is also known for his role as terrorist Carlos in the film Casino Royal.

Ilenia Pastorelli,who made her debut in this movie and Luca Marinelli have also been rewarded a David di Donatello award, making it a perfect 3/3 for the “They call me Jeeg” cast.

Want to give it a try ? Rent it or buy it here


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