June 5, 2018

The Rain

The Rain

The Rain is a Danish post apocalyptic series, the protagonist is a young lady named Simone Anderson. She was about to pass an oral at her school when her dad barges in telling her to leave immediately. Simone is full of questions but the dad is very cryptic. He drives Simone, the mother and the little brother Rasmus to a bunker in a hurry.  Grey clouds are covering the sky, rain starts dropping an as soon as it hits the skin people get infected leading them to a quick death. No choice but to escape the rain. “What is going on ? ” keeps asking Simone but the dad refuses to answer they must move fast.  They make their way to a bunker, everything will be safer there but the dad leaves the rest of the family saying only two things : ” I will come back to get you, I’m the only who can fix this ” and ” You must protect Rasmus he’s the key to everything. ”

6 years later, the dad is still nowhere to be found and the Andersons start running out of food. They must go outside to figure out a solution but it’s not an easy task, it often rains in Denmark and some patrols take down people passing by.

In their quest, the family will soon discover other survivors while realizing that everyone protects their own skin and will do whatever it takes to find food and survive. The Andersons are still determined to find the father back, where did he go ? What did he do ? What are his implications in this disaster ? Is he even still alive ? So many questions that the family tries to answer while fighting to stay alive.

About the Cast

The leading actress playing Simone is Alba August. She won The Shooting Star prize at the Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for her role in another Danish series : Below The Surface. Her cast mate, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, won the same prize at the Berlin Festival along with 5 others throughout his career. The other actors are young and talented as well but haven’t won any prizes yet.


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