June 4, 2018

Pokémon Quest


Pokémon Quest is a new free game on the Nintendo Switch so we as real fanatics couldn’t resist downloading it.

The game is set at the Tumblecube Island, as the name indicates this whole game is designed with small cubes. Once the boat arrives to the island a Pokeball drone crashes and you’re left with a choice between these 5 Pokémons : Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

Your first Pokémon will allow you to leave on expeditions, the goal of these is to find precious loot. In order to do that your Pokémon walks around by itself, you can see his health bar above. When it encounters another Pokémon, they’ll start fighting, your Pokémon will automatically weakly attack meanwhile you can use two more powerfull tactics.  Each expedition is a level ending with a small boss.

When clearing a stage you acquire a Power Stone making your Pokémon stronger raising its Health Points ( HP ) or Attack ( ATK ). Pokémons are characterized through Power Charms, it possesses 9 sockets on which you put your Power Stones.

Your team can be made up of 3 Pokémons, as usual each Pokémons has different attacks and it will eventually evolve. You can train your Pokémons, allowing you to improve or change the moves they already mastered and while at it they’ll gain some precious experience ( Exp ).  To do so you’ll need a so called supporting Pokémon, it’ll give power to the one training, once over the supporting Pokémon leaves the camp.

The first expedition is the most boring one as you only have one Pokémon lefting you with not much to do. It shouldn’t hold you back, as soon as the first expedition is over you’ll gather a team making stuff more interesting. Moreover, expéditions are actually levels becoming harder and harder leaving you with some more challenging tasks.

If you are not busy with an expedition, an expedition you’ll be at your base camp that you can decorate throughout the game. Décorations are earned while on expedition and make your camp more attractive to Pokémons. For that purpose there’s another nice feature, you can cook dishes with items you collected, it will attract even more Pokémons adding them to your Pokedex. The process is a bit time taking,  because  each dish requires a certain amount of expeditions for it to be done.  You can skip that wait using PM tickets, the tokens of the games. You receive a certain amount every 22 hours and if needed you can buy extra ones at the shop.

You can also earn PM tickets by completing quests. These quests do not always offer PM tickets, they can give other items like ingrédients to cook dishes.

You might have noticed that Pokémon Quest has similar dynamics to popular phone games, this is because it will actually launch on these platform later this month.

Ready for another Pokémania ?


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