June 4, 2018

94 degrees

94 degrees

It’s a trivia game with themes such as geography and vocabulary. So far seems pretty standard huh ? What makes it special is actually its dynamic. Be prepared to learn stuff in a practical way.

The app makes a word and a picture pop up, you then tap wherever you think the right answer is : EVERYTHING is visual. Got the wrong anwser ? The app will tell you how far you are from the right answer  with temperature, your goal is to reach 94 degrees. You’ll only see the exact temperature with the premium version, with the free it only tells you if getting warmer or colder which is more than enough to enjoy the experience.

94 degrees covers a wide range of topics, thanks to the app you won’t need to ask your friend what breed is his dog and impress him straight on. You’ll also get better with the human anatomy, with basic foreign language words for your next trip, with the solar system, the list is endless !

Don’t worry for it be too hard or that it will bore you after a while, it starts off easy and gets harder and harder. Don’t like playing alone ? The app also supports a multyplayer mode. Yes, it absolutely does everything.

Download it on the Appstore or on Google Play


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