June 3, 2018

Racing Glaciers

Racing Glaciers

The band in front of the house in which they self produced their music

Racing Glaciers (RG) is a British music band releasing alternative rock music since 2012.  There are 5 members : Tim Monaghan, Danny Thorpe, Matt Scheepers, Simon John and Matt Welch. They produced 4 albums for a total of 27 songs. They generate 52k plays on Spotify each month with 16k likes on Facebook and 3k followers on Twitter.

The lyrics are mainly about love, which is probably why they ended up as one of the songs featured on Aloha a romance featuring big names as Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Alec Baldwin and Rachel McAdams https://youtu.be/JgTt6bY-xxQ.

Racing music is very relaxing and chill.  Perfect for your next long car trip playlist.

Listen to our favorite one here

Charmed ? Go grab their albums !


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