In a business focussed on what evacuates from you through the lens, a jury looks for the next big thing. Not only beauty is evaluated but also the personality of the model, his originality, his capacity of posing, etc. 10 seasons were made, only the last one allowed boys to compete, we, as viewers, get to see a mix of different beautiful people.

The cast is very mixed, with people from all origins and all kinds of different facial features. Nevertheless, modelling is more than just being pretty. In a photoshoot of 100s of pictures, a set of different emotions must be expressed by the model as well as keeping a rhythm to not get the photographer bored. The fashion industry is an art, for it to express itself as its best there must be a good energy between the brand, the photographer and the model.

Each episode contains 2 challenges, one is to help the candidates to improve, the other one results in an elimination. Through this reality show we discover what is important and what the jury is looking for as each candidate is explained one by one what was good and what wasn’t. This part is interesting because the experts analyze aspects that we completely overlook at first sight. It must be noted that their judgement seems sometimes slightly biased.

Hollands Next Top Model manages to show all sights, good and bad, of modeling with some good laugh created by the candidates impressions. If you want to launch yourself in the model industry or simply enjoy entertaining content we recommend giving this show a shot.

Here is an exclusive interview with 2 candidates from the 2017 edition : Jamie Traets (Left) and Ritse de Jong (Right).

Jamie ritse

Do you watch the American version of the show? If yes, what are the differences ?

JamieI only watched last season of ANTM cause it was on the Dutch television. I thought it was remarkable that the different types of the show were very similar to those on the Dutch version.

Ritse I don’t watch the American version myself, sorry.

How did HNTM help your career ?

JamieIt really put me on the map which attracted more model agencies so that I could really start my career.

Ritse Holland’s next top model helped me for everything in my career because before I wasn’t a model yet. I had never really thought about the fact it could be something for me. 

What is your biggest dream for the future?

JamieMy biggest dream would be to make of modeling my job and revenue stream. It really is all about building your career and making connections that it really takes time before you are a big name.

Ritse My plans for the future are doing loads of model jobs to get a name in the business and to be happy and enjoy what I do. Further I’d like to earn enough so my family doesn’t have to  worry about money.

What do you still wanna do for sure?

JamieI d really like it if Victoria [Secrets] starts a model line for men and that I could walk that show.

RitseActing seems very fun to me . I’d like to play in a cool series or a nice movie, there are loads of stuff to learn in life.

What is your best memory of the show?

JamieThe moment I heard I could go to Norway.

Ritse My nicest memories  would be the beautiful looking Norway because all the fun we had there and also the final of course.

What tips would you give for this year‘s participants ?

JamieI’d say enjoy it and try to make something out of it. I also want to say that if, sometimes, you feel a bit down on the set, you should always continue believing in yourself. That way other people will start believing in you too.

Ritse Tips I’d like to give is that you should always try. I had never thought I could become a model and now it became my job. You should also always have a fresh look on things.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram : Jamie and Ritse


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