June 2, 2018



This dramatic Belgian series follows the life of the young, talented footballers Alan and Dennis Moerman. Both playing in 4th division for the club of their father, they dream of getting in to the first squad of the local top team KRC Genk.

Fun Fact KRC Genk is a team of the Jupiler Pro league, which is the first division of belgian clubs. The league is naturally named after the most popular beer as Belgium is all about beers and chocolate ! KRC Genk managed to qualify 2 times for UEFA Champions league, not bad for a short budget team.  The great Kevin De Bruyne made his professional debut in the shirt of KRC Genk alongside Belgian teammate Thibaut Courtois. Both managed to build up a fantastic career with respectively Manchester City and Chelsea FC

Throughout the first season we can see how they evolve as player but also as a person. The series shows how the boys make new friends, different decisions and follow different roads in order to accomplish their similar dream. The story being about the life of a professional footballer, we get a glance, both on and off the pitch, of what is not always a fantastic life. The cliff-hangers at the end of every episode makes it hard not to binge-watch this series.

Watch it here



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Belgian Series, Tv Show


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